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Welcome to the Movimiento Cultural Webpage!

August 27, 2019

Mi gente,

Welcome to Movimiento Cultural’s webpage! Founded in 2016, Movimiento Cultural Afro-Continental’s mission is simple: to promote and elevate Puerto Rican bomba, which is the oldest dance and musical form from Puerto Rico. Bomba was created during the days of slavery by enslaved Africans, serving as a source of resistance, cultural and political expression and community cohesion. Still today, bomba continues to be a cultural form that can be found all throughout the island of Puerto Rico, mainland United States and other countries with large Puerto Rican populations.

How do we promote and celebrate the bomba? We perform regularly – at concerts, community forums, schools and other spaces. We also teach workshops – every week we host free drumming and dance workshops. We also teach about the history of the bomba, because it is important for us that we share the history of the art form and the theory of both the dance and the drum.

Check out our webpage! If you are interested in having us perform or host an educational workshop, click on the “Contact” section and send us an email. If you want to take part in our workshops, sign up in our “upcoming events” section of the webpage. And if you want to drop us a line – please do so, we would love to hear from you!

Kevin Diaz

Founder and Executive Director, Movimiento Cultural Afro-Continental

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