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Movimiento Cultural Afro-Continental Keeps The Beat

Read about Movimiento Cultural's most recent performances!

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Our 2020 Top Ten

Bomba is ranked as number three in the Arts Paper's 2020 Top Ten. Movimiento Cultural's work is featured. 

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It is our turn to get into good trouble

Movimiento Cultural performs at Fair Haven voting rights rally.

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Vote Like Our Lives Depend On It — Because They Do

Movimiento Cultural performs at rally for voters rights and the power of the community vote@ 


2 Months Later After Floyd’s Murder, Hamden Rally Keeps The Message Alive

Movimiento Cultural performs at Hamden police brutality rally.  

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5,000 March, Dance, Rally And Sing for Black Lives

Article about Movimiento Cultural being apart of the thousands dancing for BLM in CT!


Addition: For the second year in a row, Movimiento Cultural's influence in New Haven led to the bomba being ranked as The Arts Paper’s “Our 2020 Top Ten”, placing third. As residents took to the streets in support of racial justice, Movimiento Cultural was in the streets, performing at rallies, protests and in other community venues, honoring bomba’s historic role as the music of resistance. Below is an excerpt from the article: 

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Bomba Dance Party Ends Day Of Protest

An article about our BLM Protest day dance! 

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Youth-led protest in New Haven gathers thousands 

Article written about Movimiento Cultural in the youth lead BLM protest! 

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Our 2019 Top Ten Artistic Moments

Movimiento Cultural is New Haven's #1 artistic moment of the year! 


'La Negra' Brings A Bomba Heartbeat To Hopper

An article about La Negra, a beautiful Bomba performance by Movimiento Cultural! 


Student-written play celebrates Afro-Puerto Rican women

Yale written article about La Negra! 


‘Fiesta Latina’ returns Saturday to Peabody Museum for 17th edition

An article about the amazing Fiesta Latina 2019! 


Movimiento Cultural performs on the Green

An article about Movimiento Cultural''s performance on the New Haven Green 

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Puerto Rican ‘bombazo’ to be held on New Haven Green

An article talking about the then upcoming Bombazo event on the New Haven Green 


Bomba Takes The Green

An article talking about the Bombazo event on the New Haven Green 


“Peaceful Revolution,” City Heroes Hailed

An article about Movimiento Cultural and Bomba's relation to Puerto Rico. 

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Bomba On The Green

An article about Movimiento Cultural's performance during the Pop-Up festival on the New Haven Green. 

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Manjares Celebrates 10 Years With New Bar

An article about the party celebrating a new bar that Movimiento Cultural participated in.  

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Bomba Reveals A Story Of Slavery

An article about Bomba, Slavery, and Movimiento Cultural.